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My friend has been making his own comics for quite a few months now, and they are quite entertaining. He has just left for Rome recently and is going to start drawing up his comics based on his experiences there, so I think there is going to be lots of good things to come. It will be an interesting way to follow how his trip is going. This is probably just going to be a reminder of the site for me, but I’ll put it down anyway.

Other than that, I’m currently working on some of my own projects. I’m writing a fair bit lately, seems as though my writers block has passed for now. I’ll post an excerpt at a later date, but I am writing both a fantasy setting and a modern setting.


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On the 2nd of June I was given the privilege to go to Lizotte’s, which was known as King’s Theatre before hand for the grand opening.

The show was a complete success and Featured Diesel, Deni Hines, Beccy Cole and local guys Jason Lowe and Benjalu. For only $55 we enjoyed a night from 7pm till 11 pm and entertainment from 8pm to 11pm. As well as this show we were delighted with excellent customer service and free cocktail food and occasional drinks.

It was truly a great night, and I would encourage anyone to go there. So I thought since I had a great time there, I would help spread the word and help Lizotte’s thrive!

Hello Newcastle,
Introducing beurre blanc and blues, chillies and cellos, romance and rock, infused indie, aerated acoustics, delicious drums, scrumptious soul, hot, hot horns, rhythmical roots, troubadours, poets, storytellers, comedians … in fact, the cream of Australian and international musicians and entertainers across genres and styles.

Welcome to a new era in Newcastle’s cultural landscape as the curtains go up again on the former Kings Theatre as it transforms into the uber sexy art-deco inspired bohemian chic hang out for connoisseurs of exquisite food and great music.  Live n Cookin @ Lizotte’s is a truly international concept brimming deliciously with energy and good times.  Let the rich and exciting entertainment history of this iconic theatre fuse with a new breed of world class performers, chefs, artists and hospitality professionals to create a new vibe … unplugged, palpable and totally addictive!

So now we’ve turned you on it’s time to turn your friends onto this special brand of magic. Share the love around Newcastle and the surrounding regions by forwarding this newsletter onto five of your nearest and dearest.  If all five of your buddies email us back at and tell us it was YOU who turned them onto us, you’ll WIN tickets to an upcoming show.  Pass it on!

Book all your favorite shows online at or phone us on 4956 2066.  

Looking forward to turning you onto the best times of your life…viva la Live n Cookin @ Lizotte’s Newcastle.  Let’s get this party started!
Brian Lizotte

James Blundell on the art of music making …
“I think it’s the last apolitical, non-denominational platform of speech left to free thinkers and, as such, should be treated with absolute respect. It crosses barriers that other communications can’t.”



Lets try something different

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So I thought that I would try something different. I’ve never really had a blog before, I guess we’ll see how it goes.

I think i’ll enjoy it though. While I don’t expect any attention, I feel like this will be a good way to reflect on things and write them down.

Here it goes 🙂