About Me…

So I guess I should introduce myself first so I can look here if I ever have an identity crisis… My name is Michael Milton; I was born on the 3rd of March 1990 in Australia. Currently I’m doing part time studies and working as an army reservist. I’m a fairly laid back kind of guy, with a pretty easy going sense of humour. I’m pretty much ok with anything as long as it was done in a warm way, I tend to believe that its the intent behind the words that’s to worry about more. If people intend to hurt you, then they will. If they don’t, then you shouldn’t let anything they say upset you. I stick by my mates no matter what and will always drop what I’m doing for others. If others are in need, then they deserve my help. I don’t like to judge people by what they do, as I believe that all that matters is if they are a good person… I love my friends and will do anything for them if they need me. I generally don’t care if people have a dislike for me, I won’t make a deal about it, I’ll let them be, though I believe in equality and fairness to everyone, and would save them the same as my friends if needed.

I generally dislike ignorant people who are inflexible, I believe that if they have the right to a belief then anyone else can have the same right to believe in whatever they want, whether it’s a god or a pen…. Funnily enough my Bombardier told me he had faith in a pen when he was deployed getting shot at… So yeah, I believe faith is an important thing in life where ever you place it. I myself don’t really have a belief in a religion, though I was baptised as a Christian… As far as my beliefs go, I believe that humanity exists even in the darkest of places and because of that I will forever try to maintain being a good person. As Albert Einstein said “Try not to become a man of success but rather try and become a man of value”. I respect others and their beliefs, and will never try and tell them not to believe or to believe. If I disagree with your belief, then I won’t share the belief, though I won’t tell you that you’re wrong…

So that’s some of my personality, I’m very laid back and generally don’t care about to much, things don’t really bother me too much. Others dislike it sometimes though, since I never really have a preference in mind and am generally just happy to hang out… People hate asking me what I want to do lol… I like music; I usually use it as a guide to how I’m feeling. My music taste varies dramatically to Lilly Allen to Pete Murray, to Frank Sinatra to Metallica and all kinds of music. Metallica are the all time favourites though. I enjoy writing; I write reviews, short stories and worlds/campaigns for my role-playing group. Occasionally I’ll dive into poetry, though not too often. I enjoy playing my computer from time to time playing games, though my playstation and x-box get rather dusty sitting all by themselves… I’ve been asked to moderate a site recently, so I’m enjoying that so far… I love my sports… I especially love basketball; it’s fun to play and pretty good to watch. Other than that I watch cricket and play backyard cricket… uh… Rugby league I enjoy to play and watch though i tend to just watch it these days. I love to watch movies and write reviews for them, I’ll post one up every now and then… Best movie I’ve seen lately would have to be Star Trek, which was extremely good. That was a very nice surprise.  I work in the Army Reserves. It’s quite fun every now and then, though I definitely need a better source of income since you get paid monthly and not that much money… I’m currently in artillery, though I’m possibly changing my core soon. I loved staying on base… It was truly a fantastic experience being trapped in a building with 30 other recruits getting screamed at… The first week I wanted to go home, though by the end I wanted to stay, truly a remarkable experience. Get up 6 am, go to bed 10 pm… Have a full day, surrounded by all your mates who are going through the same thing… I’ve never been in such a supportive group.

So thats pretty much me. Don’t hesitate to add me or talk to me. I’m always happy to meet new people and make new friends 🙂

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